Israel Guided Tours
1 Day Tel Aviv Tour

A day tour out of Tel-Aviv in the footsteps of Jesus in the Galilee

Drive north and make your first visit at the church of the annunciation in Nazareth, Were you will look at the place were "the word became a fact". View the Church of Kana, were the first miracle took place on your way to the Sea of Galilee.
Stop at the church built upon the rock where the multiplication of loaves and fish happened, were you will walk on beautiful mosaic floor , laid 1400 years ago . Short drive along the lake will bring us to Capernaum, where we will view the very place where Jesus lived, and visit the famous Synagogue of the village. Walk across the Jordan river bridge, and visit the church built on Mt. Beatitude , were the sermon on the mount took place.

Optional, at pre-arrangement:
Baptism at the Jordan River.
Boat-ride on the Sea of Galilee.

Out of Tel-Aviv / Port of Ashdod day tour to the Dead sea & Masada
(For cruise-ship travelers or tourist staying in Tel-Aviv area)

On our way we will pass Jerusalem. Take a quick view of the holy city and descend to the lowest point on Earth, the Dead Sea. Stop for a picture at the Sea-Level sign.
Keep driving down to the shores of the Dead Sea. View the oasis of Ein-gedi and continue to Masada.
Ascend the mountain with a cable-car, tour the Palaces, the walls and view the Roman siege system, the most preserved one in the world, and learn about the dilemmas and the problems the two rival opponents faced.
Descend with the cable-car and drive along the Dead Sea shores. Stop for a dip in the heavy water and enjoy floating and relaxing.
A unique feeling you can't fined anywhere else!

Out of Tel-Aviv / Port of Ashdod day tour to Jerusalem& Bethlehem
(For cruise-ship travelers or tourist staying in Tel-Aviv area)

"Let us ascend to Jerusalem" -Drive up trough the Jerusalem Mountain.
Take an overwhelming look onto the city from the top of Mt. Of Olives. Visit the church of Gat-Semani, with it's 2000 years old olive trees. On to Mount Zion , to visit the Last Supper room and King David tomb.
Enter the old city and walk to the Jewish holiest site-
The Wailing Wall.
Follow Jesus last walk- the Via Dolorosa, with the Stations of the Cross.
Visit the Church of the Holy Sepulcher – the place were Jesus was crucified, buried and resurrected.
Visit the colorful crowded markets of the old city and walk through the renovated Jewish quarter, viewing the amazing archeological discoveries found in there.
End the day with a visit to Bethlehem, in the Church of the Nativity and St. Catrine church.

Alternations and optional upon pre-arrangement:
Wailing wall tunnel tour
Garden Tomb – a tour
Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum

Modest attire (no shorts, sleeveless shirt)
Bethlehem- A passport is required. The visit is subjected to security situations.

A day tour out of Tel-Aviv along the Mediterranean shores.

Drive to Caesarea, to visit the ruins of a city built 2000 years ago. Walk trough the Theater, the palaces and view what remained out of the world's largest port at its time.
Ascend Mt. Carmel and enjoy the amazing view of the bay, the city, and most of all – the Baha'i gardens. Learn about the Baha'i history and religious.
Visit Akko, with it's authentic market over the ground and astonishing underground Knight's Halls and tunnels, built by the Crusaders 800 years ago.