Private Tour Israel

Israel private tour with Ikey Korin

Why take an Israel private tour?

The most important answers will be:

A. Time is valuable.

B. Comfort

C. You want to be in charge.

A . A round trip to Israel is thousands of dollars. Most of people's time is limited, and one may want to make the most of the time available, especially in a country that has so much to offer.

This is where my skills and experience, in making Israel private tour for you, are proving itself.

B . Comfort – It is your paste, your desire, your family and friends and your class. It is me your planning the tour, while at home and it will be me, saying goodbye, when you will leave this country on your way home.

The last, yet very important, traveling with me in Israel private tour is the car I'm using – It is a 2012 Chevy Suburban, white leather captain seats, very luxurious. Rides very smoothly with great comfort (see Photos).

C . It is you who choose what will be the holiday/touring ratio.

One may wish to be on the road 10 hours a day, the other want to enjoy the swimming pool & sap, and relax for a while.

 שבי  בפנים כללי

Other than that: years of guiding, tourists into Israel, Israelis outgoing to the US & Europe, domestic youth & alders group are at your service.

It is a big difference, guiding a bus tour in Israel or guiding an Israel private tour, however, in both cases, there is one thing a guide MUST have: flexibility - I can assure you that I do have that!

Are you interested in photography? With years of touring this country, I can tell you at what time will the sun lit, at what angle, so the site you want to film will perfectly match in your frame. This sort of info is very important not only for photography, but having this in mind, your whole touring day programming will be different – remember, I'm walking with you , and when it rains, we all get wet, and when the sun hits, it hits us all.

One very important thing touring with me in Israel private tour is my connections with many different people in this country – Orthodox & Secular Jews, Christian's priests, Military, Kibbutz, Muslims, Palestinians and Druze. Long lasting relations and good friendship really makes it unique, they will be happy to meet you.


Ein-Gedi-David_'s-waterfall.jpg view from the Russian church.jpg Sunset,-sea-of-Galilee.jpg


Remember – Israel's Key = Ikey Korin!

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