Jewish Tour Israel

Jewish Tour Israel - Torah tour, For Shabbat keepers.

Bar –Mitzvah or other alternations can be made

Tuesday: (according to arrival) pick up from airport to start a lifetime experience in Israel. We first visit the Diaspora museum in Tel-Aviv, to learn about our Jewish culture. Then to the Hall of Independent Were, on May 14 1948 the declaration of the independence of the new reborn Jewish homeland was made. Later, we will view the I.D.F arms collection, and take a walking tour in the little narrow alleyways of ancient Jaffa.

Overnight: Tel-Aviv / Tiberias

Wednesday: Today we will travel to the north. In Haifa we will visit the Amazing Bahi gardens, listed on the World heritage sites. Then to Beit-Sharayeem – a necropolis were R. Yehooda HaNassi is buried with many others in caves and catacombs – great place to explore, exiting for kids and adults. on to Tibrias by the shores of the lake . In there we will visit the torch-like tombs of the Maimonaids and Rabbi. Akiva , Rabbi Meir Baal Hanes.

Overnight: Tiberias

כותל - פתקים

Thursday: let us ascend to Tzfat, home of Kabala. We start our visit at the ancient synagogues and tombs of Ha-Ari ha kadosh and many others. Walk through the little alleys of the old city while enjoying the beautiful view of the Galilee. A very interesting visit will be made to one of the wineries we have in the region. We will end the day traveling to the Golan Heights, to learn about the importance of this area

(A jeep-tour is a recommended option!)

Overnight: Tiberias

Friday: we will visit the synagogue at Beit-Alfa were a beautiful mosaic floor accidentally was found, on to Ein-Harood (Gideon's spring) and hade over to Jerusalem. We'll make Sheheciyanoo upon entering the city, and, according to Shabes time, we'll check in the hotel, visit the Kotel and if time permit –a walking tour of the Jewish quarter.

Overnight: Jerusalem

Saturday: a day for rest and prayer, up to your wish.

Overnight: Jerusalem

Sunday: Drive to the lowest place on earth -the Dead sea, Visit Ein –Gedi , an oasis in the desert were David escaped from king Soul. מגדל דויד

Up to Masada, the last Jewish stand 2,000 years ago and the shocking story I will tell you there is next. We may take a dip in the Dead Sea water.

Overnight: Jerusalem

Monday: Today we will visit the exiting old city .Start with a visit to King David tomb; walk through Zion gate into the renovated Jewish quarter. During the renovations the ruins of Herodian mansions were found and this is our next stop. A must visiting Jerusalem is the Wailing Wall tunnels, and after our visit we can shop along the Cardo. Another very interesting visit is to the Temple Institute.

Overnight: Jerusalem

Tuesday: In the new part of the city we will visit the Menorah by the Knesset, the Israeli Parliament; view Israeli government buildings drive out of the city to Mini Israel, and end the day were the famous battle between David and Goliath took place –the Ella valley.

Overnight: Jerusalem

Wednesday: visit Yad Vashem, the holocaust museum. Out of town to Hadassa hospital to view the famous Shagal's stained windows synagogue, and into Israel museum –were you can see the oldest Torah scrolls in the world with many other artifacts.

Overnight: Jerusalem

Thursday: take a walk in Mea Sharim, Yamin Moshe a time capsule neighborhood in Jerusalem, later visit Rachel tomb, David's city and complete this once in a lifetime tour in David Citadel museum.

Transfer to the airport


Bar Mitzvah At the Wailing Wall / Masada

Should you wish to celebrate your son's / daughter most memorable day, some alternation should be made, as follow:

Prior to your arrival, I will connect you with a Rabbi, of whom I know for many years, specializing in Bar- Mitzvah. He will discuss all issues concerning your Kid's Bar- Mitzvah before you arrive to Israel.

On Saturday, meet with the Rabbi for a rehearsal.

Should you choose to celebrate A Bar-Mitzvah in Masada, Sunday & Monday will be replaced.

Some of the sites listed on Monday will be visited on other days.

Remember – Israel's Key = Ikey Korin!

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